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Top Party Hotels in South Beach.

 are looking at a perfect get away to Miami, our compilation giving a brief overview of top party-hotels at the South Beach can help. It…


The Perfect Family Guide.

While most people imagine Miami to be a place for adults, party animals, socialites and celebrities, it is also a destination suitable for the…


Miami Beach Parking Advices.

Parking could really be a pain in the neck, especially in South Beach. Everything about parking seems to be a hassle at Miami Beach,…


The Versace Mansion of South Beach.

Anyone who ever passes through Ocean Drive will have a glimpse of the majestic and renowned Versace Mansion of South Beach, Miami. Perhaps, you might…


Miami Art & Art Walks.

Wynwood’s Art Walk. The decaying warehouses within a devastated neighborhood make you being to wonder if your night-time trek may have been a mistake. But…


10 Best Things to see in Miami.

1) The New World Symphony Founded by Michael Tilson Thomas, one of the world’s most renowned artistic directors, the New World Symphony commemorated its…


Miami Beach, Main Festivals and Events.

Art Deco Weekend Mid-January sees an exhibition dedicated entirely to this architectural style, with visits to the historical buildings that line South Beach’s Ocean…


Are you coming in Miami? Places to see.

Downtown Miami. The shopping and business centre abounds with tall skyscrapers, government buildings and cultural centres. It is also home to the world’s biggest…


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How To Dress In Miami Beach.

Hey, everybody, it’s me, Jennifer. Hope you guys are doing fantastic! Becky, Jasmine, and I went shopping on Lincoln Road today for the latest…


South Beach: Lincoln Road Guide.

In the center of Miami Beach’s high-end shopping district and the center of  the Cool Hotels, clubs, theaters, and outdoor cafes on Lincoln Road…


Food in Miami Beach: Salads and Meat.

Salads. The standard sort consists of shredded mixed greens or iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes with a choice of dressing: creamy, tomato-flavoured French, Russian…


Miami Beach on Sunday: Happy Brunch!

Brunch. This hybrid of breakfast and lunch leans more towards the former, though alcohol is admissible, especially a morning pickme-up like a Screwdriver or…


Miami and South Beach: Eating Out.

The possibilities have burgeoned with the population. You can sample Southern home cooking as authentic as any this side of the Mason- Dixon line…

Spectator Sports in Miami

Spectator Sports in Miami.

In sports-mad Miami, you can telephone for the latest news and scores 24 hours a day, revised every ten minutes. Dial (305) 976-3300. Motor…